BH Trials: Presskit


BH Trials is a game where you drive a backhoe loader in an unusual way. This digger has no transmission, steering is broken, and the brakes are missing. The only way to control it is through the articulated arm at one end and the loader at the opposite.


BH Trials is a skill, physics-based game where you control a backhoe with no transmission, steering, or brakes. You must learn to move and take on the obstacles on your path using only the backhoe’s arms.

In the spirit of “less is more”, this game explores engaging mechanics within a constrained action space. A driving game with no acceleration, no steering wheel, and no brakes makes for an interesting design challenge!

Each level has players finding new ways to perform actions often considered basic in most games, from going in a straight line to cornering or moving up a slope. There’s no hand-holding here: it takes practice to master the motions. Some might find the difficulty frustrating, but there’s a true sense of accomplishment when things come to place and the backhoe starts to move gracefully under the player’s command.


BH Trials allows for couch cooperative for 4 players. The cooperative levels allows each player to take control of one of the four articulated arms of a spider-like backhoe. It will require coordination between players and careful planning of each movement.


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About the developer

BH Trials is a game developed by Óscar Sebio Cajaraville (design and code) in collaboration with Jose Luís González Castro (sound and music).

After many years as a programmer in the video games industry, from mobile phone games at Gameloft to large productions like Elite: Dangerous at Frontier Developments. Now I’m back in my hometown in the north west corner of Spain, far from the video game hubs of Europe, trying to make a name for myself on the indie gamedev panorama.


Developer: Pico Sacro Games. Based in Santiago de Compostela, Spain.

Release date: TBA

Platforms: PC (Windows)


Social: Twitter

Stores: BH Trials on Steam